TryHackMe: OhSINT Walkthrough

Sakshi Aggarwal
3 min readOct 14, 2020


Download the file.

#1 What is this users avatar of?

The file we have downloaded is an image file. To start with we can check the metadata of the image file. We found a Copyright with a name OWoodflint.

Do some google dorking. Search OWoodflint on google to find some meaningful information. We found a twitter account, Wordpress blogging site and a github account.

Open the twitter account and there we found the answer to the first question.

The user’s avatar is: cat

#2 What city is this person in?

Ans. In a twitter account, the user mentioned a BSSID. BSSID is an unique address given to a Wireless Access Point (WAP) to recognize it.

In the hint there is a website on which we can search the location of BSSID. Open the site and enter the BSSID. will display the location. The location is: london

#3 Whats the SSID of the WAP he connected to?

Ans. also display the SSID of the WAP. SSID is : UnileverWiFi

#4 What is his personal email address?

Ans. Further, we have found the github account. Explore it. There is a file with heading people_finder. There we found the email address.

#5 What site did you find his email address on?

Ans. We found the email address on GitHub.

#6 Where has he gone on holiday?

Ans. There is nothing more on github. Now explore the wordpress site. It is a blogging site. May be the user has written something about his holidays there.

And yes he has posted that He is in New York. May be he has gone there on holidays. New York is the answer to the question.

#7 What is this persons password?

Ans. Hmmm!!! This is bit tricky. All we can do was view the page source of the wordpress site. And yes there we found a weird string that looks like the password.

The password was written in white colored font so that is why it was not visible. Use ctrl+a to select all and highlight the whole text on the page and the password will now be visible.

Thank you !!!

Happy Hacking :-)