Networking : TryHackMe Walkthrough

Use this table to answer the questions below.

#1 How many categories of IPv4 addresses are there?

Ans. 5

#2 Which type is for research? *Looking for a letter rather than a number here.

Ans. E

#3 How many private address ranges are there?

Ans. 3

#4 Which private range is typically used by businesses?

Ans. A

#5 There are two common default private ranges for home routers, what is the first one?


#6 How about the second common private home range?


#7 How many addresses make up a typical class C range? Specifically a /24

Ans. 256

#8 Of these addresses two are reserved, what is the first addresses typically reserved as?

Ans. Network

#9 The very last address in a range is typically reserved as what address type?

Ans. Broadcast

#10 A third predominant address type is typically reserved for the router, what is the name of this address type?

Ans. Gateway

#11 Which address is reserved for testing on individual computers?


#12 A particularly unique address is reserved for unroutable packets, what is that address? This can also refer to all IPv4 addresses on the local machine.


#1 1001 0010

Ans. For converting Binary to decimal = 1*2⁷+0*2⁶+0*2⁵+1*2⁴+0*2³+0*2²+1*2¹+0*2⁰ = 146

#2 0111 0111

Ans. For converting Binary to decimal = 0*²⁷+1*²⁶+1*²⁵+1*²⁴+0*²³+1*²²+1*²¹+1*²⁰ = 119

Similarly, do the other questions(#3-#12).

An easy method to convert decimal to binary number equivalents is to write down the decimal number and continually divide-by-2 (two) to give a result and a remainder of either a “1” or a “0” until the final result equals zero.

#1 238

Ans. 11101110

#2 34

Ans. 00100010

Similarly, do the other questions(#3-#12).

Using the table provided in the first task, identify which class each of the following addresses belongs to.


Ans. A


Ans. B

Similarly, do the other questions(#3-#12) by looking into the table.

Thank you!!!



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